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Encryption At A Touch
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Encryption has become a business enabler. It is the only efficient business risk control when processing de-centralised data. We can help you use cryptography. We can deliver a cryptographic platform and we can help you build your own.

Business data is continuously challenged - for its accuracy, authenticity, and origin. The importance of cryptography has accelerated in the last ten years. It will grow with further expansion of cloud-based business opportunities bringing services closer to customers.

The challenge is to manage business risk - cryptography is the means. Its correct use is the cause of many practical difficulties, though. It requires on-going expertise for operation and management but above all a good initial configuration that can make or break the business. The right way of using cryptography is to implement it in modules with clear interfaces. We have done it before and it worked beautifully.

Organisations around the world rely on encryption keys and cryptography to protect own and their customers' data. Be it passwords, PINs, credit card numbers, personal data, or financial transactions. The scope of organisations' responsibility is also increasing - it is not only their premises but also employees' laptops as well as partner companies. You are an expert in your business area. Our services will allow you to protect your existing data and explore new business opportunities without compromising security. You can use pay-as-you-go (PAYG) service, or let us build or manage a dedicated cryptographic platform for global business operations. We offer test, production and disaster recovery cryptographic facilities available within days.

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