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Password S-CRIB™

Buy Password S-CRIB. Picture shows Password S-CRIB - that's what you get when you order one.

Press a button and login to a computer, website, or application. Four passwords for any use. (Fig. left: Password S-CRIB.)

Price: £25 / $40

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Password S-CRIB is a dongle for end-users. It provides a set of 4 passwords and types them on button-press. Uncrackable passwords that you do not have to remember.


We understand if you want to try our products before purchase, especially if you want to use them in your company. Let us know if you’re seriously interested in S-CRIB products and we would be happy to discuss a suitable approach for trialling our products.

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Please get in touch if you want to use Smart Crib products in a company as we can offer discounts on devices if purchased in combination with our password recovery system – S-CRIB Management.

S-CRIB™ Scrambler

Buy S-CRIB Scrambler. Picture shows a Scrambler connected to Raspberry Pi.

Protect user passwords on your server – forget password leaks. Our support will get you get off to a flying start! (Fig. left: Scrambler connected to Raspberry Pi.)

Price: £39 / $70

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Scrambler is our product for protecting passwords that are stored on your server. It provides password scrambling API that can be used locally on the server (you just plug it to a USB port and install necessary software) or remotely. The latter is for server running in virtualised environments.

GitHub repository for supporting web service.

API specs and other documents are in our Document Wiki.

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